Jarlsburg is a small island, roughly five miles square, with a small population that survives mostly through fishing. There is one town, Jarlsburg, which basically consists of a handful of houses, a town hall, a tavern and the fishing lodge. All merchant activity occurs at the fishing lodge, as this is where the fishermen bring their catch at the end of the day. Townspeople can barter here for fish or coin, and the fishermen can exchange their catch for money or other goods.

The tavern, Fishy Joe’s, is a small but well-stocked bar that is filled with fishermen and the odd merchant sailor every night. The proprietor, Fishy Joe, runs the tavern with the help of his two daughters.

Aside from Jarlsburg Town, the southern coast of the island is dotted with small fishing settlements, mostly just a few shacks, but the Village of Hale, to the east of Jarlsburg, is a bit larger and has its own fishing lodge.

The northern coast of the island is mostly deserted. Lined with cliffs and expansive beaches, it’s a beautiful sight, but colonies of large, aggressive crabs live within the cliffs, so people tend to avoid the north side of the island.

At the very northern tip of the island, a small lighthouse stands, warning ships approaching from that direction of the island and its rocky surroundings. Smaller watchtowers at the mouth of the harbor serve a similar purpose for the southern side of the island.


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