Notable NPCs

Hesta is a small island almost completely covered with its bustling town. It has little in the way of agriculture, but what it does grow it grows well. The island is situated in busy trade waters, and is a frequent stop off for merchant ships looking to sell to the people of the island. The island’s residents are mostly in the service industry, but there are plenty of artisans in town that buy from the merchants in order to provide goods for the rest of the town.

The island is also known for its library, and has a small research center just outside of town.

Vaguely teardrop-shaped, the island rises from the beach front town to sheer cliffs at the north-eastern point. While there’s no lighthouse, a large signal fire burns there, day and night, tended by appointed citizens at all times. It’s mostly there simply to alert ships of the small island’s presence, as the waters around Hesta are fairly safe. The cliffs have been known to bring adventure seekers and researchers, as there are stories that it is haunted, and unearthly howls can be heard from the top.

The party came here after the attack on Armita, transporting Jenny Song and hoping to find a way to rid themselves of the Fey tracking spell they had recently been made aware of. The resistance was reluctant to meet them, and in order to determine their trustworthiness, asked them to go to Finger, an island recently overrun with pirates, and convince the governor there not to ask the Fey for protection.

Once the party successfully took care of that errand, they met with members of the Hesta resistance who were willing to install a device on The Lady Jane that would block the tracking spell placed on it. Unfortunately, they currently had nothing that would block the more powerful spells placed directly on the party and Captain Longbourne. They outfitted The Lady Jane for an expedition to the southern island of Ervelt, where they believed a special onyx could be found that would be useful in their research into blocking the spell. Along with supplies, the resistance sent two geologists, one of which is Lizbeth, to aid the party in identifying the materials.

The stories of haunted cliffs turned out to be true, when Knives happened to notice a ghostly figure at the base of the cliffs. Exploration of the crab tunnels led to the discovery of Genie, the ghost of a teenage girl who had fallen off the cliff to her death. She was very talkative and happy to finally have company, but the party was less than thrilled to meet her. She seemed particularly taken with John.

Being a bastion of trade, yet too small for the Fey to care much about, Hesta has a decent number of shops dealing in magic items:

  • Wave and Floe – A shop run by two sisters, specializing in Water and Ice magic.
  • The Mauve Cross – Several islands have branches of this store, specializing in Life magic, but this one is particularly well-stocked.
  • Unnamed – A hole-in-the-wall specializing in Darkness magic.


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