The island of Finger is home to excellent obsidian mining in the volcanic crags along the north coast. Water from springs and occasional snowmelt create lots of rivers, resulting in a peninsula of marsh and mangrove on the southern side of the island.

The only coastal town on the island is Baylet, a large town but mostly home to fisherman who fish off the coral reef on the far side of the peninsula. It is however a pretty busy market hub, as merchants can buy obsidian and obsidian steel there. The ready supply of obsidian also attracts blacksmiths, and several excellent smiths call Baylet home.

Baylet and the island of Finger are governed by Stephen Lacette, a somewhat weak-willed but well-meaning ruler.

Several small villages and mining communities dot the mountainsides to the north, but the mangroves are all but abandoned due to the wildlife and the prevalence of pirates.


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