City of Armita

A small, bustling port city, fishing is the biggest industry in Armita. They have a separate dock area specifically for fishing boats, and several large fishing lodges where the fishermen can clean and sell their wares.

The merchant docks are larger and a bazaar is set up there most days, with city merchants trying to sell to newcomers and haggle with the merchant ships. Most city shops set up a table there at least once a week, but farmers and traders coming from the agricultural towns to the east are the most prominent.

There is a walled fortress in the center of town that serves as the center of the city’s government. Council meetings take place here, and the city guard is based here. During attack, citizens can retreat to the fortress.

One ornate church stands at the edge of the city. Architecture suggests it used to be used to worship a sun god, but no one remembers this god. It’s currently used as a non-denominational place of worship, and both religious and academic lectures are often held here.

City of Armita

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