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Armita is an island about 30 square miles in size, mostly flat, with semi-tropical forest and lots of bamboo. The bamboo is harvested for building material and most buildings in the city are made of bamboo. The eastern half of the island is mostly cleared and used for agriculture, most notably rice paddies.

The main city is on the southwestern part of island and makes most of its money from fishing and trade with merchant ships. Small agricultural villages such as Orlin dot the eastern side of the island, and goods are transported to the main city via boat or wagon. Most farmers journey to the city at least once a week to sell their goods.

While the brunt of the attack on Armita was centered on the city, much of the jungle and bamboo was consumed by fire. In order to aid reconstruction, several farmers used their fields to plant bamboo orchards for use as building material until the burnt forest heals itself.

Before the attack, John and Knives took a job from a vintner in the city to track down a lost shipment, and ended up meeting a group of cave-dwelling lizard-like creatures. The creatures were sentient, and careful deliberations revealed they fed their tribe by stealing from merchants. Knives and John were able to act as intermediaries between the creatures and the citizens of Armita to negotiate a trade agreement. These days, the creatures are an active part of mercantile life in the city, and seem to live peacefully alongside the humans.

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