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Eve's Journal
Armita Dock Battle

I spent two days alone in the forests of this new island. After spending weeks alone on the last island I met up with two strange men and found a way off the island. I did some things that I never thought I would before leaving home. We took over a ship and made port days later. I left the boat to take Ka into the forest to hunt after all that time on the water. We both needed time to get back to nature.

This morning I noticed smoke billowing up into the air from the direction of the town. I started to make my way there when I heard horses on a near by path. As I hid in the brush I saw those two men again, this time with some riders. I learned from them that the town was being attacked. I decided to go help out and road to town with a blacksmith named Joseph. As we ride I ask where he met up with the two men I had earlier met. He said he was the blacksmith in a town on the island called Orlin and they gave these men horses and came to ride with them. I think our conversation was a little flirtatious, I’m not used to attention of men like him so it was all new to me.

As we neared the town we notice that the entrance is blocked. We then rode north and entered the center entrance. We noticed the stables were on fire so we attempted to rescue the animals. The one man, John, broke the lock on the gate and the horses stormed out of the gate. Joseph and I ride after and attempt to catch a horse for me to ride. It was quite tricky and with the help of Knives I got a white horse that has a black diamond on his face.

We went back into the town and made our way to the docks. As we neared the center of town we saw people making their way to the fortress. A woman stopped us to get help because her husband was trapped in a house. John and Knives went into the house to rescue the man. I sent Ka to go scout down by the docks, I could tell he was agitated while scouting. As a group we made our way to the docks. We notice that the fishing boats are all damaged and sinking. I see one boat that had been attacking the city left floating and it was being attacked by towers further down the coast. On the rest of the docks are what’s left of the sailors fighting a skeleton crew. This is all new to me, I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. I decide to stay close to Joseph.

The battle was long. I got separated from Joseph during the fight. It was mass mayhem, there were bones and bodies everywhere. I was hit across my right cheek, I fear it’s going to leave a scar. As the battle winds down John and Knives capture a fey soldier, we don’t know how long he will live though. The men start to loot what they can from the carnage left spread over the docks. I find Ka and check him over, he appears to have come through with only minor wounds that should heal fast. We’ll both be stronger after a good night’s sleep. We all came out alive. Out of the three fisherman still alive when we arrived at the dock, one made it through the battle.

After the battle a woman approaches the group, with a wanted poster for Knives, John and the captain. She wants to offer them shelter because the whole city is out to get them. The boats attacking the city let it be known that if they get turned in the attack on the city will stop. Knives and John follow the woman; I decide to keep apart from them seeing as they are targets of the city. Joseph and I leave the other four men we fought with to care for the dead soldiers and fey. We try to find some place to hide out for the night. I need rest after being injured and Ka and I need to eat something. We decided to head out of the city. As we make our way out of the city we came across Knives, John, the woman, and four guards on the ground. The woman gave me a bloody handkerchief with directions to get to the university to spend the night.

Joseph and I keep making our way out of the city. He wants to return home and asks me to join him. I tell him that I don’t know if I can right now. I need to find some one who can train me and I can’t find that with him in his village. He tells me he understands the need to train. I tell him I’m sorry but I can’t go with him and I think it’s best if we part ways now, I tell him I’ll keep in touch and hope that he will try to wait for me, I’ll make my way back to him. He kisses me goodbye and heads off down the path. I look down at Ka and pat his head, “I don’t know why but we’re heading to the university to find those two. I think it’s the only way we’ll get where we need to go.”

I made my way to the university. I threw the bloody handkerchief in the air and waited while a guard showed himself. He told me to wait and returned a while later with the woman. They allowed me to enter and took me down into a room where there were people including Knives and John. My wounds were treated and I was given a bed to sleep in for the night.

Eve's Journal
Day in Armita

Upon waking a young boy entered bringing with him food for us, some bread and dried fruit, I dug in my bag and gave Ka some dried meat. Jenny, the woman, came to talk to us and introduced me to a professor who she thought would help me with my search to find a trainer. The Professor gave me two leads; one is an old woman who lives on a very small island up north. She may or may not be alive and goes by the name of Bat. To the south he said are tribes of mer-people who also are shape shifting beast. He asked me about my tribe and life within it, I told him what he wanted to know.

When I got done talking to the professor I notice that Jenny is getting Knives and John set up with disguises. I find out that we are heading out to see if there is someone who will buy stuff that John and Knives have collected. We make our way to Unique Secrets and the guys start to sell off their loot. Knives gave me a shirt. I sold the locket I had in my bag and John told me he’d share some of the money he gets from selling stuff from the battle yesterday. They also gave me a robe. I purchased a quarterstaff and a buckler.

We went back to the hideout and we had a day to get ready to head out. Knives it studying spells. John is training. I purchased two scrolls, one of webfoot and one of enlarge animal. I figure that once out at sea I can spend two days learning the spells.

I learned from the guys today that tomorrow we head to Orlin to find the captain of the ship we will be sailing on. Joseph is from Orlin, I wonder if I’ll see him.

Eve's Journal
Ride to Orlin

John, Jenny and I head out on horse to Orlin this morning. As we rode down the path Ka growled a warning. Being careful John rode forward and noticed a big spider web. Upon closer observation John noticed a large spider up in a tree that appeared to have babies on its back. John threw two flaming bottles of rum to attack the spiders. The spiders caught fire with the babies raining down onto the ground. I carefully rode through the debris and waited for the other two to ride through. We continued on the rest of the way without trouble.

As we approached the town a rider was heading towards us, it was Joseph! As we rode into the town he invited me to dinner at his home. As we sat enjoying dinner John stopped by to fill me in on the developments of the meeting with the captain. John and Jenny are heading back to Armita to gather some supplies and Knives before riding back here tomorrow. Then we head out of port. Joseph invited me to spend the night. I accepted. As socially awkward as I normally feel I don’t feel that way at all with Joseph.

Eve's Journal
Journey to a new island and the adventures we find there

We left Armita today. The captain tells us it’s a two day ride to our next stop of Hesta. I spent two days training Ka to guard me. We still have some things to work on but it’s a start. Knives spent our two days on the boat learning spells and John spent his time training with his lance.

As we neared the island we noticed black smoke up off the island. The captain assured us that it was just Hesta’s signal fire. From where we are we can see that the island is mostly tear shaped with the cliffs on one side and the town of Hesta taking up the rest of the island. Jenny asked me if I wanted to go with her, I decide against it I don’t want to risk exposing the resistance if something was to happen to me while I travel with John and Knives.

I disembark with Ka and we carefully make our way through town. People can’t help but stare at us, a tall woman covered in scales with a jaguar walking besides her is bound to draw some attention. We spend much of the morning out in the fields, I decided that I should go into town and run some errands. I head back into town and find a little hole in the wall seamstress. She offers to hem my dresses and pants for ten gold and some of my dried fish. Selling off my fish, I decided to find some fishing supplies and go catch some more. I caught three small trout then cleaned and dried them.

After storing the fish in my bag I went out to find Ka. Then we head down to the docks and back onto the boat. Jenny was back and I sat around listening to her and the captain talk about the ghost stories of the island. When the guys make it back on to the boat Jenny tells us about her meeting with the island”s resistance members. Jenny tells the guys that the resistance members here think they might be able to help the guys with their tracking issue. But they aren’t too sure about them so to help out we need to go to Finger to help with a problem there. We leave for that in two days.

John, Knives, and I go exploring to kill time the rest of the day. We came across a building that looked like at one point in time it could have been a church. We enter and find out that it is a research center on elementals. Knives got us into the research center and John finds me a book a merpeople that has a chapter on shifting. I get some reading in but can’t finish plus there are two spells I would like to study, so against my better judgement I take the book with me.

Knives headed back to town. John and I went to explore some more. We found a panda and slowly backed off and in doing so we ran into Knives who was headed up to the outlook fire. John and I decide to follow him up there. As we near the fire we got attacked by four giant crabs. One ran off and we killed the other three, Knives mistakenly hurt Ka. After the battle he gave me a healing potion to heal Ka.

We took the crabs to the fire and cooked and cleaned them. There were a few guys sitting up there watching us fight and guarding the fire. I share some of the crab meat with them before splitting the crab with John and Knives. We made our way back to the boat for the night.

Eve's Journal
Adventures at sea!

This morning I woke up and after a light breakfast on the boat I headed off to the seamstress to see if my clothes were ready. She had everything ready for me, I gave her a wrapped package of dried fish, and ten gold. I make sure I have enough supplies to last Ka and I a week’s journey to Finger.

First day out—-I finish reading the chapter in my book and spend the rest of the day working on training Ka to down.

Second day out—-I study the first spell in the book Inky Cloud. I get close but I don’t master it.

Third day out—-I study the second spell in the book Survival Instants. This was hard to understand, it’s going to take some time to get this spell.

Fourth day out—-The wind was so strong today that Knives and I both stayed in our cabins sick.

Fifth day out—-The wind has died down today, but there is a scraping sound coming from the bottom of the boat. John went down to investigate. The captain asked Knives and I to go down with John to deal with the problem. There were sets of claws poking through the bottom, attacking them got them to drop out but with out doing lethal damage they just reappeared. Knives asked the captain to rake the bottom of the boat. John was attacking the claws and I monitoring the guys patching up holes and pumping out the water.

A woman is seen swimming towards the boat screaming for help. We are suspicious of her, Knives fires a cross bow at her head, she screams and swims away. I cast Summon Nature’s Alley II and summon two octopi to attack the sirens under the boat. John sends a net down across the bottom, he caught two of the sirens and an octopus. After throwing the octopus back and one of the sirens jumped out the guys tied up the other siren and started to question the siren.

Things didn’t go well so we just started “fishing” for sirens and killing them as we hulled them on board. The sirens catch on and we bring up the two octopi. The guys hatched a plot to attach themselves to the chain and go under with weapons ready to attack those still under the boat. When they came up Knives was unconscious and there were two sirens in the net. John untied himself and went to help Knives while Ka and I attempted to kill the siren that was still alive in the net.

We looted the sirens and got four javelins and nine sets of seaweed armor. As we loot a mist appeared around it, but the boat sealed out and the sirens didn’t attack us. The captain said because of this we had to tack an extra day onto our journey.

Sixth day out—It dawned a nice day. John and Knives were on deck with their books reading/studying. I spent the day on deck working on the down trick with Ka.

Seventh day out—Today was rain. I spent the day inside in my room. I didn’t get far in my studies, I don’t like being cooped up inside all day. I spent a good deal of the day dreaming of being out in the sun.

Eight day out—Wind died down today, we might be out at sea a bit longer. I worked on the down trick with Ka today on deck. Knives studied on deck, and John worked with the crew.

Ninth day out—Still no wind and John spent time hanging out with the crew while they waited for the wind to pick up. Knives could still be found on deck studying. Ka and I spent the day on deck working on the new trick.

Tenth day out—Today there is wind! The captain says we’ll reach Finger tomorrow. John worked with the crew, Knives trained and Ka and I kept working on down.

Eleventh day out—Finger is in sight. I finish teaching Ka down about the time we reached the port of Baylet. Finger is a large island, much bigger than Armita. There are mountains that look similar to volcanos, that are surrounded in mist. The land appears to be jungles and marsh. Ka and I are excited about the jungles.

Eve's Journal
Baylet and the hunts for pirates

Finger day 1

Today we sailed into the town of Baylet. After the trip we had everyone was eager to get off the boat. John and Knives went in search of a master wood worker named Corbin Duff. John was looking to get his bow fixed and possibly upgraded. I went into town to sell the seaweed armor. I tried a couple of shops before running into John and Knives. They had already visited the wood workers and were now shopping. With their help I sold the armor sets for 30 gold each!

I wasn’t ready to return to the boat and John and Knives wanted to keep shopping so I followed them around. It was starting to get late and I figured we should maybe see about the business that brought us to Baylet. I talked to the guys about going to see the governor but Knives wanted to keep shopping. (such a girl!) John talked Knives into going to the governor’s mansion.

The mansion is big and dark. As we approached the door there were two guards that opened the doors and we walked into a long hallway. We walk down the hallway to another set of big doors with two guards standing on either side. Knives slips the guard some gold and finds out that there is a Fey ambassador in with the governor. Knives tells me to slip into the small waiting room. We can hear a heated discussion going on but that’s all I know.

Not that long later a Fey male bardges out of the room and Knives and John prepare to face him down in the hallway. I popped my head out of the room and watch as they follow him down the hall. They exchanged some words with him and then head back. The three of us go into talk with the governor but the guards won’t let Ka in, I bluff that he’s my seeing eye jaguar.

The room has a large table. There were two guards standing off in the room and one guard and two doors leading out of the room. Governor Stephen Lesset and one other guard are sitting at the table. John introduces us and hands the governor the letter from Jenny. The Governor said he can’t do anything because the residents of the island are being plagued by pirates and the Fey are going to help them. The pirates hide out in the swamps and attack random people and boats. He told us that he’ll give us 200 gold each if we go take care of the pirates because then he won’t have to make deal with the Fey. He gives us the name of a guide who can take us into town, his name is Johnson.

We head to Johnson’s house but he’s not there and his stuff is gone. We buy some trail rations and head out. We spend one day going through jungle, towards the end of the day it gets swampy, the river we’ve been following keeps branching off. Before it gets too wet we decide to make camp for the night. We all take a watch.

Finger day 2

This morning we get up and keep heading south. As we go Ka starts to growl and a giant green snake drops from the trees down onto Knives. After a quick battle we kill the snake. I skin, cleaned, and cooked the snake.

We keep going on and we come across three guys, pirates. It was a quick fight. John stabbed one of the pirates and the man exploded, it was quite a sight to see. One guy tries to run but with a few bolts fired at him and he goes down. We looted them while John buried the men. We back off a bit and camp for the night taking double watches.

Eve's Journal
Crocs, Leeches, and a new "friend"

Finger day 3

We head out this morning. John attempted to move silently as we started out but Knives and I were fighting. Even with all the noise we stumbled across a sleeping man. John approached him and poked him. The man woke up and started screaming when he saw the blood covered man above him. He took off running but John tackled him. We learn his name is Blade and he’s a hunter who’s out setting traps while looking for his missing friend. He joins up with us.

Knives still can’t keep quite as we walk on. Ka notices tracks and Blade is able to tell that Ka has noticed footprints and blood. We look around a bit and see bones with clothing and that have been gnawed on. Then we notice two tiger cubs and hear their mother close by. We left that area pretty quickly.

Walking along more the trees open up and we approach a small body of water. There is a crocodile in the water near the other bank and a water buffalo drinking on the other bank. Knives starts to go out into the water to check the depth of the water. As he nears the croc starts to move towards him and he attacks the croc. John jumped out and landed on the croc then dragged him to the other shore. As Knives makes his way closer to the bank he realized that he was covered in leaches as was John. The used a torch to burn off the leaches while Blade, Ka and I watched from across the water.

To avoid more leach attacks John ties off one end of rope and throws it over to our side of the bank. Blade retrieved the rope and tied his length of rope to John’s and then wraps it around a tree and with his bow and arrow fires the end over. Blades, Ka and I crossed on the makeshift rope bridge.

Blade tried to skin the croc and failed so I took over and butchered the meat. While I was doing that he built a fire so that I could smoke the meat. While we were tending to the croc, John and Knives set up camp. During their watch we got attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Upon waking up I informed the guys about the mosquitoes and their aversion to fire. John uses spider silk to capture and kill them while Knives uses a log from the fire. Knives breathed fire and killed off the swarm.

We made sure there was a nice fire going and went back to sleep. Upon waking up in the morning Blade was sick from the mosquitoes, he healed himself as we broke camp. After breakfast we head off for the day’s trek.

We came across an inlet with a dock that is surrounded by crates and barrels. We search the area and realize that the mud under the dock is different from the rest of the mud. We open the crates and barrels. John pulls the barrels into the trees while Knives and I disguised the barrels. Blade is up in the trees and notices someone heading our way.

John, Ka, and I hid under the dock while Knives played dead on the dock. John and I watched as Blade confronted the pirate. Ka growls and the pirate spots us under the dock. I sent Ka out and told him to run away. The pirate fired at him and struck Ka in the back leg. I readied my crossbow as Blade tried to deter the pirate from further inspecting under the dock. I was distracted and worried about Ka and happened to miss a block of time. I was told everything was clear and I ran off to find Ka. I found him and we camped out for the night.

Eve's Journal

Finger day 4

Ka and I made our way back to the dock and realized that the guys were gone. We started to follow their tracks. We came upon them after they had attacked three pirates. I was shocked to see them disguised as boxes. We joined up with them. Ka and I stayed to the bushes while they walked in their boxes.

We came across two fey archers. Ka and I hide in the bushes. The guys made easy waste of the archers. After yet another display of John’s uber ability our pseudo-guide ran off so I climbed into his box while telling Ka to stay close to the bushes.

We came across a beach backed by swamp and mangrove area. The beach was narrow as far as we could see in either direction. The water was clear with a coral reef about 50 ft out and some fishing boats out past them in the water. We see nothing of interest so still in our crates we head back into the forest and head towards the point of the island.

We noticed an increase in bird noise. John peaked out and noticed that the trees were filled with red parrots and one was looking right at us. John and I keep walking and Knives stayed behind and watched the bird. The bird happened to follow John and I so Knives followed along with the bird.

We stop and I cast Speak with Animals and have a short conversation with the bird: “Why are you following us?” I called up to the bird. The bird flew down closer. “Food” John hands me the spider silk filled with mosquitoes. I offer a handful to the bird and he eats them. “Who you?” “I’m Eve.” “Why here?” “We’re here to find and kill pirates.” “Bad ones?” “Yes.” “Bad ones kill lighthouse.” “Those are the ones we want to kill” The bird flies to my shoulder. “Lighthouse at point.”

We start heading to the point when we come across a pair of lizards sunning themselves. For no clear reason we all take a shot at the lizards. Knives casts a spell on my crossbow. The fight doesn’t last long, the bird blinded the lizards and they don’t do much. John using his strength runs, attacks and kills one of the lizards before killing the other one. I skin and clean the lizards. Cooking the meat.

As night falls we hit the beach at the point. The light house is about 100 ft out to see and dark, the beach is deserted as well. We decided to swim across to the little island, Knives and Ka barely make it across. Once across John goes into the lighthouse and starts to look around. Knives and I wait a bit and come up with a plan to go up and relight the lighthouse. We head up the steps, there is some oil and a wick left but all the glass and mirrors are broken. Knives spots a fire back on the main island, we believe it’s the decoy lighthouse the pirates are using to cause problems. I light the fire in the lighthouse and keep an eye on both fires while Knives goes to find John.

John and Knives come up and bring some old children’s books for me to feed into the fire. I build the fire but there is no movement near the one on the beach. I keep watch over the fire while John and Knives rig something up to attempt to get the pirates to make a move on us. Knives uses the lantern and the telescope to make a beam. I use the spyglass to watch the dock while John goes down to hide among the boxes on the dock.

I see some movement and Knives scans in that direction on the beach. We see three Fey Archers. They look up at us and then go back into the forest. We wait sleeping in shifts. I get no more than two hours of sleep before Knives wakes me up. The other light has gone out and a boat is heading our way. As the boat docks I notice 5 people and I let Knives know they are here. No on gets off the boat.

Quite suddenly we are covered in darkness. Knives lets we know we’ve been cursed with a spell of darkness. I feel something like a beanbag hit the back of my head, as I spin around Knives feels the same thing. He hurries and attaches his rope to his grappling hook, Knives goes 1st and makes it. I feel something like an arrow go by my head and head on down the rope.

Once we hit the ground it’s a full out fight. Knives and I both attack a guy, Knives with a spell and I hit him with a bolt to the neck. John finishes him off before hitting another guy with a crate. I just hope to never be on John’s bad side. Knives summoned a skeleton on the dock to help John fight over there.

I feel another arrow fly by my head but it disappears in front of my. I look around but don’t see anything and when Knives asks me what’s wrong I can’t tell him. I’m too astounded by what I think I saw. Shortly after that I was knocked out. I woke up later in a row boat being manned by John. I learn that Knives also got knocked out but John took care of the guys.

We make camp back on the shore and John watches

Eve's Journal
"slacking" a bit

Finger day 5

John guards while we sleep. While John sleeps we leave Ka to guard him and I go off with Knives to find snakes. We find a viper’s nest. Knives summoned a skeleton and I cast Aspect of the wolf. We easily kill the viper. I squeeze out the viper’s posion for Knives. I skin, butcher and cook the snake meat.

Finger day 6

We moved out at 1st light. We rowed along the shore until we get close to where the fake lighthouse was. We walk the rest of the way. John and I hid and try to move silently through the jungle around the dunes. There are guards, between 10-20 in there and a dark area. We decide that we should head back to the Lady Jane and bring her around to bombard the area.

Finger day 7

We row.

Finger day 8

Ka and I spent the day in a deep sleep while we leveled up. Once I woke up I learned that John and Knives had a little run in with some sharks.

Finger day 9

We make our way back across the island on foot. It was an easy trek and we are back on the Lady Jane by night fall.


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