Rescued Light Slave


Mitra is a skinny, skittish man with thick golden hair and a mustache to match. He is nearly as talkative as Aysu, but most of what he says are pleas for retreat. He knows the following spells:

Level 0:
Common Knowledge

Level 1:
Color Spray
Detect Element
Detect Secret Doors
Faerie Fire
Silent Image
Guiding Light
Nimbus of Light
Targeting Ray

Level 2:
Continual Flame
Energy Arrow
Find Traps
Know Opponent
Rainbow Beam
See Invisibility

Level 3:
Arcane Sight
Detect Ship
Invisibility Purge
Rainbow Blast
Searing Light
Wall of Light


Mitra has been a slave since he was about 12 or 13, and never dared to hope for rescue. Now that he has been, he is appalled that the party wants to stay and fight instead of beating a hasty retreat. He is extremely fearful of being caught again, and may be difficult to coerce into helping. He does tell the party that because he was taken so young, nearly his entire spell selection was controlled by the Fey. He was trained to be a shipboard sniper and support caster for the Fey archers, which is why he knows very few illusions or powerful divination spells. Aysu tells the party that the Fey treat powerful Light casters nearly as delicately as they do Fire casters, perhaps even more so, and slaves trained for divination and illusion are kept very well-guarded.


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