Captain Miles Longbourne

Captain of The Lady Jane


A large man with a healthy fear of the Fey, Longbourne is the captain of The Lady Jane. He seems to be a reasonably sensible and intelligent man, and is rather protective of his crew. Skilled in battle, he fights with a beautiful longsword that is never out of his possession.

Captain Longbourne was grateful to John and Knives when they helped protect his boat from a Fey boarding, but he soon discovered that, along with the other two men, he and his boat were being tracked by Fey magic. Since then, he has aided the party as much as he can in their quest to rid themselves of the tracking spells, knowing he has as much to gain as they do.

The Lady Jane has since been fitted with a device that will ward off the tracking, but the personal spells upon the party and the captain have yet to be lifted. Captain Longbourne finds himself impressed with the party’s bravery and combat ability, particularly in the battle of Armita, but knows that having the party aboard the ship seems to attract trouble, and he looks forward to getting back to business once this whole mess is dealt with.

Aside from a few awed fans, the crew of The Lady Jane is against the continued presence of the party, particularly the first mate who has been put out of his quarters since Eve arrived on the ship. The crew doesn’t understand why they still harbor the party now that the ship is not being tracked anymore, and are unaware that their captain is under the same tracking spell.

Captain Miles Longbourne

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