Jenny Song

Point of contact for the Hesta resistance


Jenny is a tall, olive-skinned young woman with straight, jet-black hair and long limbs and brown eyes. She is of the Wood element, and seems to be well-versed in some kind of hand-to-hand combat. She is capable of treesinging, creating Songwood, but does not like to do so.


Jenny led the Armita branch of the resistance and had been working on getting the leaders of some of the nearby islands to stop paying Fey tributes, whether they be money, goods, or slaves.

When Armita was attacked, Jenny was eager to leave the island and join the branch on the nearby island of Hesta. Others on Armita were against leaving, believing they should stay and help Armita recover. When Jenny encountered the party during the battle, she recognized them as the ones the Fey were looking for, and led them to safety in the headquarters under the university. In exchange for passage to Hesta, Jenny told them about the tracking spells that were allowing the Fey to find them, and promised to put them in touch with resistance members on Hesta who could help them.

Since then, Jenny has been the party’s point of contact on Hesta, and she has been instrumental in arranging meetings with the resistance and finding work for the party with the local tribe of Merfolk.

Jenny may be romantically linked with Prince Agwe of the Ahbra Merfolk tribe.

Jenny Song

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