Rescued Fire Slave


Fintan is a boy of about 17 or 18, skinny and withdrawn, with long red hair. He does not speak much to his rescuers, and doesn’t seem entirely aware of the world around him. Aysu tells the party what spells he knows.

Level 0:
Dancing Lights
Detect Magic
Heat Water
Ray of Heat

Level 1:
Detect Heat
Endure Elements
Explosive Arrow
Faerie Fire
Resist Energy (Fire)
Lesser Orb of Fire
Blades of Fire
Aura Against Flame
Raging Flame
Slow Burn

Level 2:
Continual Flmae
Scorching Ray
Flaming Sphere
Burning Sword

Level 3:
Flame Arrow
Protection from Energy (Fire)
Flame of Faith


Aysu tells the party that he doesn’t know much about Fintan, but he bears all the symptoms of a slave that had been taken at a very young age, or else born into slavery. He tells them that most Fire mages are like that, as the Fey know how much damage a single “accidental” Fireball can do. Slaves like Fintan have usually been conditioned from early childhood to take orders and are usually kept away from the general population. Fintan will likely take orders from the party in a rote fashion, but may become confused if asked to do anything too complicated. Aysu warns that he may become erratic if he finds out that he is attacking the Fey.


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