The Fighter Family


The Fighter family is the extended family of John Fighter. They live in a sprawling compound in the foothills of the mountains on the island of Quba. The family has lived there as long as anyone can remember, and recent developments may suggest a connection with the dwarven clan whose ruins litter the island.

The family makes a living mostly through trade, hunting, trapping and fishing. They are also well-known as a good source of high-quality wool, as they are one of the few families on the island willing to capture and shear the tribes of wild rams that live in the mountains.

Relatives met so far:

Clyde – John’s father, who lives in the main house on the compound. He fights with melee weapons and seems to be quite a bit stronger than John. Has no interest in city life or what goes on outside the mountains, and does not approve of his sister-in-law’s new business or his daughter’s new boyfriend.

May – John’s mother, who also lives in the main house. She’s of the Fire element, and seems to have some casting ability. Fights with fire, and is eager to see John settle down.

Sarah – John’s sister, she’s 16 and has been seeing a young man from one of the coastal towns by the name of Kyle. Her father does not approve. She is also a caster of the Fire element, and fights with fire and fists.

Eric – John’s older brother. Recently settles down on the island, and lives in one the compound’s smaller houses with his wife Katie and their new son Gareth. Eric seems to be quite a bit stronger than John, and spent several years adventuring on his own before returning to Quba. He fights with melee weapons.

Billy – John’s older brother. Billy didn’t adventure as much as some of his other brothers, and instead settled down early with his wife Bertha, a very strong, large woman that his father initially approved highly of, and that his mother despises. The two of them live in a house on the Fighter compound, but rarely participate in family meals or other such events, as Bertha keeps Billy on a tight leash. Billy is of the Earth element, and has some casting ability, but doesn’t practice much as Bertha doesn’t approve, holding that magic is of no use when it comes to putting food on the table. Billy fights with both fists and melee weapons.

Tilly – John’s aunt. Tilly lives in the ranch house on the Fighter compound with her husband and daughter. She runs a guide business with her husband, helping people from the coastal towns safely navigate through the Quban outback. While she likes to spend as much time home with her daughter as possible, she can generally be found at her business’s location in Quba-town at least twice a week. Tilly has an excellent head for business, but only fights when she really needs to. When she does, it’s usually with melee weapons.

Joe – John’s uncle. Joe is Tilly’s husband, and spends most of his time divided between helping his wife with her guide business and helping his brother take care of the general needs of the compound. He’s a quiet man, and tends to keep to himself when he’s not with his family. He fights with melee weapons.

Clementine – John’s cousin. Clem is eight years old, and an only child, and except for Gareth she’s currently the only young child at the Fighter compound. She is doted on by just about everyone and likely spoiled rotten, but still tends to pull her weight. She delights in helping with the herding and shearing of the wild rams, and has a pet ram that she has died pink. She’s already well-versed in weaponry, and may have made friends with the aboleth that lives in the lake. Clementine is too young to know her element yet, but her family has theorized she might be of the Beast element, due to her affinity with animals. If so, she would be the first Fighter in remembered history born of that element. Clementine fights with two weapons, when she can, from the back of her pet ram. She probably takes after John.


The Fighter Family

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