Prince Agwe

Prince of the Abhra Merfolk tribe


Prince Agwe is well-built and muscular, with spiky blue hair and a shiny blue fish tail. He has a commanding and somewhat arrogant carriage and tone.


Agwe is prince of the Abhra tribe of merfolk that inhabit the waters off Hesta.

The Abhra tribe is almost constantly at war with the sirens, a race of aquatic creatures that serve the Fey. Recently, however, the conflict has escalated, and the tribe’s leaders were looking for a quick solution.

Agwe’s father, Lord Gamba, was against bringing humans into their conflict with the sirens, believing it would lead to escalation, since the Fey leave them alone. When Agwe heard of the party’s exploits through Jenny, however, he believed they could strike without it leading back to the tribe, since they already have a reason to attack them. He arranged a meeting and had the party infiltrate the siren nest and assassinate the queen in order to plunge the sirens into chaos, leading to an easy victory. The party went above and beyond, however, and managed to decimate a good portion of the soldiers and bodyguards as well. Agwe was extremely pleased with the results, and has sent word out to the other Merfolk tribes recommending the party’s services as mercenaries.

He may be romantically linked with Jenny Song.

Prince Agwe

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