Fey Soldier


Fey are humanoid creatures, with a striking resemblance to humans. Their skin tends to range in color from light pink to tan to red to almost purple, with the lighter colors being more common. Their hair and eyes come in all colors, and instead of white, iris and pupil like human eyes, Fey eyes are all one color and tend to glitter in bright light like gemstones. There are reports of their eyes glowing at night, but they seem to be able to suppress this. They do seem to be able to see in the dark, and it seems that the color of their eyes also indicates what color their blood is. Aside from the eyes, the most obvious difference between Fey and humans are their long, pointed ears. Their features tend to be more angular as well, and their physical build leans towards tall and slim. The Fey are strictly carnivores, and their teeth are sharp, much like a cats.

The Fey seem to disdain physical combat, preferring to have human slaves or other minions fight for them. They tend to recruit human casters of all elements, both volunteers and slaves, to aid them in battle, and they seem to prize magic above weapon play.

That said, the Fey do train with weaponry, and nearly all Fey carry Fey Blades. Regular soldiers tend to also be trained with bows, with only officers choosing melee combat over ranged.

Fey casters seem to be highly regarded, and are usually in positions of power, captaining ships or leading strike teams. So far, Fey only seem to cast spells of the Darkness and Death elements.

Known spells (Death):

Touch of Fatigue
Inflict Minor Wounds
Inflict Light Wounds
Ray of Enfeeblement
Chill Touch
Ray of Sickness
Summon Undead II

Known spells (Darkness):

Arrow of Dusk
Caul of Shadow
Wall of Smoke
Shadow Spray
Veil of Shadow


Fey Soldier

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