Eve's Journal

Day 3 -continued

• followed run away guard • located a mound or rocks on sea floor, not natural • JEK swim into tunnel goes mud to stone we hear strange chanting • John puts light out we attempt to swim silently • tunnel is now vertical, John charges out of hole • Knives talks to the Sirens & gets them to lower their weapons • Knives swims up • Next thing I know we’re in battle o John cuts one siren in two o I swim up and embed the mean cleaver into one’s shoulder & John finishes her off o I swing around and crit and kill one o one left & knives takes her head off • chanting coming from sides • we go up, but before we go up I notice 3 pears in the wall, John pulls them out • in tunnel, walls have wave patterns with pearls • tunnel widens, siren coming at us but not seeing us o John takes off her head • Knives collects the head – water a bloody green • past the bloody water there is a conch shell on the wall and four holes • both guys do a search of the shells and the area, Knives pulls conch shell out of wall • Knives pokes hole – yellow stuff comes out • As knives passes through all jets fire and he gets poisoned • John and I hold breath and we pass through • As we swim on I see more holes • John sets them off and knives tries to analyze • we hold our breath and continue to swim until we end up in a large room o mosaic, most designs are war like, there are 10 tunnels (5 wall, 5 floor) there are a lot of crevices with people lying in them 40-10 w/ people • we come out in a wall entrance • sirens in room with targest on wall, 8 for 18 total 2 look male • 5 notice us bursting in & come at us with weapons o one claws at john he kills it o john explodes a siren o knives skewers a siren o john impales a siren o john impales another siren • 2 males swim down, 2 female swims down o john in hulk form cuts one in half o The Hulk is down! – Knives forces healing potion down his throat & revives him o John brutalized a siren o Knives kills a siren o My octopi attack o John impales another siren is stuck on his lance o I killed one!! o John staby- staby & killed another one o Knives freezes one to death o John C d’ G – 6 (4 male, 2 female) • John kills the 4 men • Knives kills the 2 females • Knives takes head and we look the room and people • We go back the way we came • Sirens come towards us – 2 females o Knives freezes a bitch to death o John knocks her head with his lance • Spot another female siren o I hit her with my hatchet o Knives freezes her to death • We make it back to the last room and its full of sirens one is about to swim up to the tunnel we are swimming down – 4 o John runs one through o I wake up with john & knives standing over me • Another 2 appear o John decapitates one and charges to kill the other • The chanting is softer • Long winding thin tunnel, more narrow • Opens into a room, cyclinder – 8 sirens o Knives froze a guy who exploded and injured the guy next to him o John thrusts with lance and impales a second then luches the siren at another siren and kills a third o John full attacked and killed a fourth o John runs through and kills a fifth o John decapitates a sixth o John pinned a 7th to the wall o Minced the 8th • We choose the big hole to go up, levels off and splits (chanting behind us) • Knives hears something making noise in the left tunnel metal sound ahead • We take the left tunnel kind of narrow • Small spherical room, gate in front of us beyond the gate is a “fish tank” stone wall to our right • Knives turns the wheel, fist still swim • We go back and take right tunnel, another sphere room shelf around the room, hallow spaces under shelf, on top looks like workshop, alchemy but a bit different, underwater • We head back to big room • Next tunnel, singing gets louder, hallows in floor small, larger ones on walls with sirens sleeping, human faced sirens • Knives gives us moss to shove in our ears • Moving from tunnel to tunnel we notice that these must be children, daycare, we leave them alone • Tunnel splits we go right, another split we go left -8 female warriors none of them see us • Knives runs in and yells something o John pins one to the wall o John kills one he’s a puddle of goo o Knives kills one, cleaved her in two o (Knives talks to them and repeats to us) o Knives snap,crackle,pop – killed o John staby staby o Knives corkscrew o John explodes her o Knives goos last one • Back track to barracks • 8 lead down • we each swim down knives and I fail to notice and swim into the room • we swim up and drink potions • two females follwed us up o knives gooiefies her o john runs her through o sounds like john killed a guy o knives kills one in heated anger o sounds like john killed another o john kills one o john splodes one • Inner room → inky cloud • John readies himself and goes in • Yells out and knives hears and tells me • We go in, floor is dark • I swim into the dark • Floor gets clear • I summon a porpoise, again • I know way out, softly • Knives gives me 2 healing potions o I attack where john tells me to and I hear a scream o I hear a yelp from the directions john’s voice o Knives yells “chill!” I think he killed someone o John beheads one o The singing stops, john killed her o 12 hours of anger →there goes one o knives freezes and destroys the ice elemental o john cuts guy in hell o john attacks and pisses off the queen then kills her • swim like hell to the hippicampi and head back to the castle • show Agway our kills, queen’s head



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