Eve's Journal

Arrive in Hesta

Day 1 -head to Swaying Palm to contact Jenny, we talk to the inn keeper who sets up a 5 pm meeting -I go sell stuff with John -I try fishing for 2 hours -> 2 small fish 1st hour, seaweed 2nd hour -Jenny meet up —We meet Ivan Everet who is the leader of the Resistance on Hesta. —Jenny gives me a letter from Joseph. —Ivan has info on block —-quest to find onyx —-offers Jenny —Jenny has message from Mer-people -After Meeting I got back to write a letter to Joseph

Dream -Running threw a dark city with a shadow right on my tail -reach a door and knock but there is no answer -I’m so tired I haven’t slept and I stumble -I feel a knife in my back and it twists -I feel a pain in my back

Day 2 -Wake up to find John and Knives outside my door —meeting with Jenny at the inn at noon

-Noon at the Swaying Palm —John and I show up to find a drunk Knives at the bar —I give Jenny my letter to Joseph —I grab a drink and take a seat —Jenny Starts —-She was contacted by the Mer Prince and he wants a meeting —-We can use Ivan’s skiff we have to meet at the docks at 4 —John throws Knives into the water

-4pm at The Docks —Jenny is there with a row boat —John rows us around cliff side —Mer horses show up, we climb on and head down —-50 ft down to coral reef, over the reef down another 50 ft, coral buildings we head to the palace, – the water is different here, we can breathe —Aba Tribe – Prince Agwe – discreet meeting in a conference room —Prince Agwe offers us a payment of pearls to kill the siren queen —Prince Agwe gives us each a bracelet made of seaweed and clams – each allows the wearer to breathe underwater for 36 hours. —Prince Agwe offers us a place to sleep

Same nightmare as the night before

Day 3 -Meet up in conference room -We head out

Sunken ship with sharks -John Punches shark -> feeding frenzy -We go in —Knives catches a jellyfish —John opens creates —We have a difference in opinion on what to do but we agree to swim up through a hole —Zombie attacks us with a butcher knife after a brief fight John cuts him in two —Shark(s) trying to get into the sunken ship —I help John search the area in the ship, we recover coins

We swim on and we see harvest of seaweed. We see a mound that has openings that are being guarded. -John and Knives attack 2 of the guards -We go through an opening John, Eve, Knives with sun rods in hand -we enter a big empty room with a magical glowing floor -John and I get caught in a whirlpool -In a panic move I grab the rope and the guys pull me out -The guys are doing something with the whirlpool but I’m staying out of the way -I follow the guys down a tunnel and we attack another set of guards —I amazed myself and hacked at one of the guards with the cleaver and crit -We go down another tunnel and attack more guards -After looting the bodies the guys take them back to dump in the whirlpool -They go back to get the first bodies to also dump in the whirpool -Knives realizes that the guards are not very skilled and perhaps they are here as punishment or as a type of weeding out the weakest in the group.



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