Eve's Journal

"slacking" a bit

Finger day 5

John guards while we sleep. While John sleeps we leave Ka to guard him and I go off with Knives to find snakes. We find a viper’s nest. Knives summoned a skeleton and I cast Aspect of the wolf. We easily kill the viper. I squeeze out the viper’s posion for Knives. I skin, butcher and cook the snake meat.

Finger day 6

We moved out at 1st light. We rowed along the shore until we get close to where the fake lighthouse was. We walk the rest of the way. John and I hid and try to move silently through the jungle around the dunes. There are guards, between 10-20 in there and a dark area. We decide that we should head back to the Lady Jane and bring her around to bombard the area.

Finger day 7

We row.

Finger day 8

Ka and I spent the day in a deep sleep while we leveled up. Once I woke up I learned that John and Knives had a little run in with some sharks.

Finger day 9

We make our way back across the island on foot. It was an easy trek and we are back on the Lady Jane by night fall.



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