Eve's Journal

Finger day 4

Ka and I made our way back to the dock and realized that the guys were gone. We started to follow their tracks. We came upon them after they had attacked three pirates. I was shocked to see them disguised as boxes. We joined up with them. Ka and I stayed to the bushes while they walked in their boxes.

We came across two fey archers. Ka and I hide in the bushes. The guys made easy waste of the archers. After yet another display of John’s uber ability our pseudo-guide ran off so I climbed into his box while telling Ka to stay close to the bushes.

We came across a beach backed by swamp and mangrove area. The beach was narrow as far as we could see in either direction. The water was clear with a coral reef about 50 ft out and some fishing boats out past them in the water. We see nothing of interest so still in our crates we head back into the forest and head towards the point of the island.

We noticed an increase in bird noise. John peaked out and noticed that the trees were filled with red parrots and one was looking right at us. John and I keep walking and Knives stayed behind and watched the bird. The bird happened to follow John and I so Knives followed along with the bird.

We stop and I cast Speak with Animals and have a short conversation with the bird: “Why are you following us?” I called up to the bird. The bird flew down closer. “Food” John hands me the spider silk filled with mosquitoes. I offer a handful to the bird and he eats them. “Who you?” “I’m Eve.” “Why here?” “We’re here to find and kill pirates.” “Bad ones?” “Yes.” “Bad ones kill lighthouse.” “Those are the ones we want to kill” The bird flies to my shoulder. “Lighthouse at point.”

We start heading to the point when we come across a pair of lizards sunning themselves. For no clear reason we all take a shot at the lizards. Knives casts a spell on my crossbow. The fight doesn’t last long, the bird blinded the lizards and they don’t do much. John using his strength runs, attacks and kills one of the lizards before killing the other one. I skin and clean the lizards. Cooking the meat.

As night falls we hit the beach at the point. The light house is about 100 ft out to see and dark, the beach is deserted as well. We decided to swim across to the little island, Knives and Ka barely make it across. Once across John goes into the lighthouse and starts to look around. Knives and I wait a bit and come up with a plan to go up and relight the lighthouse. We head up the steps, there is some oil and a wick left but all the glass and mirrors are broken. Knives spots a fire back on the main island, we believe it’s the decoy lighthouse the pirates are using to cause problems. I light the fire in the lighthouse and keep an eye on both fires while Knives goes to find John.

John and Knives come up and bring some old children’s books for me to feed into the fire. I build the fire but there is no movement near the one on the beach. I keep watch over the fire while John and Knives rig something up to attempt to get the pirates to make a move on us. Knives uses the lantern and the telescope to make a beam. I use the spyglass to watch the dock while John goes down to hide among the boxes on the dock.

I see some movement and Knives scans in that direction on the beach. We see three Fey Archers. They look up at us and then go back into the forest. We wait sleeping in shifts. I get no more than two hours of sleep before Knives wakes me up. The other light has gone out and a boat is heading our way. As the boat docks I notice 5 people and I let Knives know they are here. No on gets off the boat.

Quite suddenly we are covered in darkness. Knives lets we know we’ve been cursed with a spell of darkness. I feel something like a beanbag hit the back of my head, as I spin around Knives feels the same thing. He hurries and attaches his rope to his grappling hook, Knives goes 1st and makes it. I feel something like an arrow go by my head and head on down the rope.

Once we hit the ground it’s a full out fight. Knives and I both attack a guy, Knives with a spell and I hit him with a bolt to the neck. John finishes him off before hitting another guy with a crate. I just hope to never be on John’s bad side. Knives summoned a skeleton on the dock to help John fight over there.

I feel another arrow fly by my head but it disappears in front of my. I look around but don’t see anything and when Knives asks me what’s wrong I can’t tell him. I’m too astounded by what I think I saw. Shortly after that I was knocked out. I woke up later in a row boat being manned by John. I learn that Knives also got knocked out but John took care of the guys.

We make camp back on the shore and John watches



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