Eve's Journal

From Jaguar and back again

Finger Day 10, cont.

When I came out of jaguar form John was looting the dead in the encampment.  Then he went into the dark area, I don't know what he did while he was in there but the darkness disappeared.  We discovered 19 people tied up inside: 8 pirates, 6 men, 3 women, 1 child and 1 that was something else.  While John and Knives discuss what to do I release the women and the child.  John and Knives finally make a decision and John releases the rest of the group and sends the pirates away from the island.  Before departing one of the pirates tells us that their numbers are greatly depleted because of the Fey.
One of the men is a guide, he takes on the job of leading us back to Baylet.  I discovered that the guide uses Web Foot to move easily through the swamp, I ask about receiving some training and he tells me once we get back he'll train me.  It takes three days to get back to Baylet. (Finger days 11, 12, & 13).

Finger Day 14

John and I go off with the guide to learn. At the end of the day he gives us a pair of bed rolls that will help in our adventures. They can help us endure the elements while we sleep. He also provides us with a small box that has five bandages in them that help stop bleeding and instantly stabilize the person.

Knives goes off to get his sword.

Finger Day 15

I return to the guide to learn Web Foot.

John and I go find Knives.

Knives and I go talk to the Governor. We relate our tale about the Fey. The Governor entrusts us with the task to go tell the Resistance and tell them that he needs help.



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