Eve's Journal

Finger day 10

John and Knives leveled up during the night. They went out today into the town. I tried to learn enlarge animal but all I managed to do was give Ka a little bit of a shock. I head into town to sell some stuff. I meet up with Knives on my way to the tailors. Then we head to the lodge to sell the snake meat.

After we return from town we go talk to the captain. Knives talks to the captain. He wants the captian to get us in ballista range. We decided it would just be better to take some guys with us. The captain can spare three men. The next day we talk with the Governor and he can spare five men for us. We spend some time in town prepping for the trip.

• We head out.

• Bird joins us

• Day 1

• Day 2

o     Reach the river
o     John tries to jump and fails landing in the middle of the river
o     John jumps to the other side
o     Knives ties my rope to his, ties his end around a tree and fires it across the river
o     John ties his rope to the end that got shot across and ties it to the tree
o     We shimmy across hanging underneath
o     Number 7 knocks himself out
o     John jumps over and picks up 7 and 8 and jumps back over

• Day 3

o     We walk through the day and approach at night fall
o     We decide to approach the encampment from the jungle
o     Knives climbs a tree to scout out the encampment
o     I get ready to change into a jag.
o     Knives comes back wounded
o     We back up 100 ft away from camp with double watches

• Day 4

o     Train bird to seek and come
o     Speak with bird
•     What did you see
•     Lots of pink people, sleeping dark area pink people guarding
•     Count?
•     Eyes twice guarding camp
•      Can you help
•     Help?
•     That blindy thing
•     Defend
•     Defend us?
•     Defend how, where who
•     I tell him about the plan
•     Mosquitoes ?
•     All the ones you want
•     Defend against bad pink pirates mosquitoes
•     You got it
•     Feed him mis
o     I tell our group what he told me
o     We get 25 feet away when two arrows come towards us
o     John moves off and attacks
o     I shift into a jag.
o     meow



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