Eve's Journal

Baylet and the hunts for pirates

Finger day 1

Today we sailed into the town of Baylet. After the trip we had everyone was eager to get off the boat. John and Knives went in search of a master wood worker named Corbin Duff. John was looking to get his bow fixed and possibly upgraded. I went into town to sell the seaweed armor. I tried a couple of shops before running into John and Knives. They had already visited the wood workers and were now shopping. With their help I sold the armor sets for 30 gold each!

I wasn’t ready to return to the boat and John and Knives wanted to keep shopping so I followed them around. It was starting to get late and I figured we should maybe see about the business that brought us to Baylet. I talked to the guys about going to see the governor but Knives wanted to keep shopping. (such a girl!) John talked Knives into going to the governor’s mansion.

The mansion is big and dark. As we approached the door there were two guards that opened the doors and we walked into a long hallway. We walk down the hallway to another set of big doors with two guards standing on either side. Knives slips the guard some gold and finds out that there is a Fey ambassador in with the governor. Knives tells me to slip into the small waiting room. We can hear a heated discussion going on but that’s all I know.

Not that long later a Fey male bardges out of the room and Knives and John prepare to face him down in the hallway. I popped my head out of the room and watch as they follow him down the hall. They exchanged some words with him and then head back. The three of us go into talk with the governor but the guards won’t let Ka in, I bluff that he’s my seeing eye jaguar.

The room has a large table. There were two guards standing off in the room and one guard and two doors leading out of the room. Governor Stephen Lesset and one other guard are sitting at the table. John introduces us and hands the governor the letter from Jenny. The Governor said he can’t do anything because the residents of the island are being plagued by pirates and the Fey are going to help them. The pirates hide out in the swamps and attack random people and boats. He told us that he’ll give us 200 gold each if we go take care of the pirates because then he won’t have to make deal with the Fey. He gives us the name of a guide who can take us into town, his name is Johnson.

We head to Johnson’s house but he’s not there and his stuff is gone. We buy some trail rations and head out. We spend one day going through jungle, towards the end of the day it gets swampy, the river we’ve been following keeps branching off. Before it gets too wet we decide to make camp for the night. We all take a watch.

Finger day 2

This morning we get up and keep heading south. As we go Ka starts to growl and a giant green snake drops from the trees down onto Knives. After a quick battle we kill the snake. I skin, cleaned, and cooked the snake.

We keep going on and we come across three guys, pirates. It was a quick fight. John stabbed one of the pirates and the man exploded, it was quite a sight to see. One guy tries to run but with a few bolts fired at him and he goes down. We looted them while John buried the men. We back off a bit and camp for the night taking double watches.



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