Eve's Journal

Crocs, Leeches, and a new "friend"

Finger day 3

We head out this morning. John attempted to move silently as we started out but Knives and I were fighting. Even with all the noise we stumbled across a sleeping man. John approached him and poked him. The man woke up and started screaming when he saw the blood covered man above him. He took off running but John tackled him. We learn his name is Blade and he’s a hunter who’s out setting traps while looking for his missing friend. He joins up with us.

Knives still can’t keep quite as we walk on. Ka notices tracks and Blade is able to tell that Ka has noticed footprints and blood. We look around a bit and see bones with clothing and that have been gnawed on. Then we notice two tiger cubs and hear their mother close by. We left that area pretty quickly.

Walking along more the trees open up and we approach a small body of water. There is a crocodile in the water near the other bank and a water buffalo drinking on the other bank. Knives starts to go out into the water to check the depth of the water. As he nears the croc starts to move towards him and he attacks the croc. John jumped out and landed on the croc then dragged him to the other shore. As Knives makes his way closer to the bank he realized that he was covered in leaches as was John. The used a torch to burn off the leaches while Blade, Ka and I watched from across the water.

To avoid more leach attacks John ties off one end of rope and throws it over to our side of the bank. Blade retrieved the rope and tied his length of rope to John’s and then wraps it around a tree and with his bow and arrow fires the end over. Blades, Ka and I crossed on the makeshift rope bridge.

Blade tried to skin the croc and failed so I took over and butchered the meat. While I was doing that he built a fire so that I could smoke the meat. While we were tending to the croc, John and Knives set up camp. During their watch we got attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Upon waking up I informed the guys about the mosquitoes and their aversion to fire. John uses spider silk to capture and kill them while Knives uses a log from the fire. Knives breathed fire and killed off the swarm.

We made sure there was a nice fire going and went back to sleep. Upon waking up in the morning Blade was sick from the mosquitoes, he healed himself as we broke camp. After breakfast we head off for the day’s trek.

We came across an inlet with a dock that is surrounded by crates and barrels. We search the area and realize that the mud under the dock is different from the rest of the mud. We open the crates and barrels. John pulls the barrels into the trees while Knives and I disguised the barrels. Blade is up in the trees and notices someone heading our way.

John, Ka, and I hid under the dock while Knives played dead on the dock. John and I watched as Blade confronted the pirate. Ka growls and the pirate spots us under the dock. I sent Ka out and told him to run away. The pirate fired at him and struck Ka in the back leg. I readied my crossbow as Blade tried to deter the pirate from further inspecting under the dock. I was distracted and worried about Ka and happened to miss a block of time. I was told everything was clear and I ran off to find Ka. I found him and we camped out for the night.



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