Eve's Journal

Armita Dock Battle

I spent two days alone in the forests of this new island. After spending weeks alone on the last island I met up with two strange men and found a way off the island. I did some things that I never thought I would before leaving home. We took over a ship and made port days later. I left the boat to take Ka into the forest to hunt after all that time on the water. We both needed time to get back to nature.

This morning I noticed smoke billowing up into the air from the direction of the town. I started to make my way there when I heard horses on a near by path. As I hid in the brush I saw those two men again, this time with some riders. I learned from them that the town was being attacked. I decided to go help out and road to town with a blacksmith named Joseph. As we ride I ask where he met up with the two men I had earlier met. He said he was the blacksmith in a town on the island called Orlin and they gave these men horses and came to ride with them. I think our conversation was a little flirtatious, I’m not used to attention of men like him so it was all new to me.

As we neared the town we notice that the entrance is blocked. We then rode north and entered the center entrance. We noticed the stables were on fire so we attempted to rescue the animals. The one man, John, broke the lock on the gate and the horses stormed out of the gate. Joseph and I ride after and attempt to catch a horse for me to ride. It was quite tricky and with the help of Knives I got a white horse that has a black diamond on his face.

We went back into the town and made our way to the docks. As we neared the center of town we saw people making their way to the fortress. A woman stopped us to get help because her husband was trapped in a house. John and Knives went into the house to rescue the man. I sent Ka to go scout down by the docks, I could tell he was agitated while scouting. As a group we made our way to the docks. We notice that the fishing boats are all damaged and sinking. I see one boat that had been attacking the city left floating and it was being attacked by towers further down the coast. On the rest of the docks are what’s left of the sailors fighting a skeleton crew. This is all new to me, I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. I decide to stay close to Joseph.

The battle was long. I got separated from Joseph during the fight. It was mass mayhem, there were bones and bodies everywhere. I was hit across my right cheek, I fear it’s going to leave a scar. As the battle winds down John and Knives capture a fey soldier, we don’t know how long he will live though. The men start to loot what they can from the carnage left spread over the docks. I find Ka and check him over, he appears to have come through with only minor wounds that should heal fast. We’ll both be stronger after a good night’s sleep. We all came out alive. Out of the three fisherman still alive when we arrived at the dock, one made it through the battle.

After the battle a woman approaches the group, with a wanted poster for Knives, John and the captain. She wants to offer them shelter because the whole city is out to get them. The boats attacking the city let it be known that if they get turned in the attack on the city will stop. Knives and John follow the woman; I decide to keep apart from them seeing as they are targets of the city. Joseph and I leave the other four men we fought with to care for the dead soldiers and fey. We try to find some place to hide out for the night. I need rest after being injured and Ka and I need to eat something. We decided to head out of the city. As we make our way out of the city we came across Knives, John, the woman, and four guards on the ground. The woman gave me a bloody handkerchief with directions to get to the university to spend the night.

Joseph and I keep making our way out of the city. He wants to return home and asks me to join him. I tell him that I don’t know if I can right now. I need to find some one who can train me and I can’t find that with him in his village. He tells me he understands the need to train. I tell him I’m sorry but I can’t go with him and I think it’s best if we part ways now, I tell him I’ll keep in touch and hope that he will try to wait for me, I’ll make my way back to him. He kisses me goodbye and heads off down the path. I look down at Ka and pat his head, “I don’t know why but we’re heading to the university to find those two. I think it’s the only way we’ll get where we need to go.”

I made my way to the university. I threw the bloody handkerchief in the air and waited while a guard showed himself. He told me to wait and returned a while later with the woman. They allowed me to enter and took me down into a room where there were people including Knives and John. My wounds were treated and I was given a bed to sleep in for the night.



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