Eve's Journal

Day 3 -continued

• followed run away guard • located a mound or rocks on sea floor, not natural • JEK swim into tunnel goes mud to stone we hear strange chanting • John puts light out we attempt to swim silently • tunnel is now vertical, John charges out of hole • Knives talks to the Sirens & gets them to lower their weapons • Knives swims up • Next thing I know we’re in battle o John cuts one siren in two o I swim up and embed the mean cleaver into one’s shoulder & John finishes her off o I swing around and crit and kill one o one left & knives takes her head off • chanting coming from sides • we go up, but before we go up I notice 3 pears in the wall, John pulls them out • in tunnel, walls have wave patterns with pearls • tunnel widens, siren coming at us but not seeing us o John takes off her head • Knives collects the head – water a bloody green • past the bloody water there is a conch shell on the wall and four holes • both guys do a search of the shells and the area, Knives pulls conch shell out of wall • Knives pokes hole – yellow stuff comes out • As knives passes through all jets fire and he gets poisoned • John and I hold breath and we pass through • As we swim on I see more holes • John sets them off and knives tries to analyze • we hold our breath and continue to swim until we end up in a large room o mosaic, most designs are war like, there are 10 tunnels (5 wall, 5 floor) there are a lot of crevices with people lying in them 40-10 w/ people • we come out in a wall entrance • sirens in room with targest on wall, 8 for 18 total 2 look male • 5 notice us bursting in & come at us with weapons o one claws at john he kills it o john explodes a siren o knives skewers a siren o john impales a siren o john impales another siren • 2 males swim down, 2 female swims down o john in hulk form cuts one in half o The Hulk is down! – Knives forces healing potion down his throat & revives him o John brutalized a siren o Knives kills a siren o My octopi attack o John impales another siren is stuck on his lance o I killed one!! o John staby- staby & killed another one o Knives freezes one to death o John C d’ G – 6 (4 male, 2 female) • John kills the 4 men • Knives kills the 2 females • Knives takes head and we look the room and people • We go back the way we came • Sirens come towards us – 2 females o Knives freezes a bitch to death o John knocks her head with his lance • Spot another female siren o I hit her with my hatchet o Knives freezes her to death • We make it back to the last room and its full of sirens one is about to swim up to the tunnel we are swimming down – 4 o John runs one through o I wake up with john & knives standing over me • Another 2 appear o John decapitates one and charges to kill the other • The chanting is softer • Long winding thin tunnel, more narrow • Opens into a room, cyclinder – 8 sirens o Knives froze a guy who exploded and injured the guy next to him o John thrusts with lance and impales a second then luches the siren at another siren and kills a third o John full attacked and killed a fourth o John runs through and kills a fifth o John decapitates a sixth o John pinned a 7th to the wall o Minced the 8th • We choose the big hole to go up, levels off and splits (chanting behind us) • Knives hears something making noise in the left tunnel metal sound ahead • We take the left tunnel kind of narrow • Small spherical room, gate in front of us beyond the gate is a “fish tank” stone wall to our right • Knives turns the wheel, fist still swim • We go back and take right tunnel, another sphere room shelf around the room, hallow spaces under shelf, on top looks like workshop, alchemy but a bit different, underwater • We head back to big room • Next tunnel, singing gets louder, hallows in floor small, larger ones on walls with sirens sleeping, human faced sirens • Knives gives us moss to shove in our ears • Moving from tunnel to tunnel we notice that these must be children, daycare, we leave them alone • Tunnel splits we go right, another split we go left -8 female warriors none of them see us • Knives runs in and yells something o John pins one to the wall o John kills one he’s a puddle of goo o Knives kills one, cleaved her in two o (Knives talks to them and repeats to us) o Knives snap,crackle,pop – killed o John staby staby o Knives corkscrew o John explodes her o Knives goos last one • Back track to barracks • 8 lead down • we each swim down knives and I fail to notice and swim into the room • we swim up and drink potions • two females follwed us up o knives gooiefies her o john runs her through o sounds like john killed a guy o knives kills one in heated anger o sounds like john killed another o john kills one o john splodes one • Inner room → inky cloud • John readies himself and goes in • Yells out and knives hears and tells me • We go in, floor is dark • I swim into the dark • Floor gets clear • I summon a porpoise, again • I know way out, softly • Knives gives me 2 healing potions o I attack where john tells me to and I hear a scream o I hear a yelp from the directions john’s voice o Knives yells “chill!” I think he killed someone o John beheads one o The singing stops, john killed her o 12 hours of anger →there goes one o knives freezes and destroys the ice elemental o john cuts guy in hell o john attacks and pisses off the queen then kills her • swim like hell to the hippicampi and head back to the castle • show Agway our kills, queen’s head

Eve's Journal
Arrive in Hesta

Day 1 -head to Swaying Palm to contact Jenny, we talk to the inn keeper who sets up a 5 pm meeting -I go sell stuff with John -I try fishing for 2 hours -> 2 small fish 1st hour, seaweed 2nd hour -Jenny meet up —We meet Ivan Everet who is the leader of the Resistance on Hesta. —Jenny gives me a letter from Joseph. —Ivan has info on block —-quest to find onyx —-offers Jenny —Jenny has message from Mer-people -After Meeting I got back to write a letter to Joseph

Dream -Running threw a dark city with a shadow right on my tail -reach a door and knock but there is no answer -I’m so tired I haven’t slept and I stumble -I feel a knife in my back and it twists -I feel a pain in my back

Day 2 -Wake up to find John and Knives outside my door —meeting with Jenny at the inn at noon

-Noon at the Swaying Palm —John and I show up to find a drunk Knives at the bar —I give Jenny my letter to Joseph —I grab a drink and take a seat —Jenny Starts —-She was contacted by the Mer Prince and he wants a meeting —-We can use Ivan’s skiff we have to meet at the docks at 4 —John throws Knives into the water

-4pm at The Docks —Jenny is there with a row boat —John rows us around cliff side —Mer horses show up, we climb on and head down —-50 ft down to coral reef, over the reef down another 50 ft, coral buildings we head to the palace, – the water is different here, we can breathe —Aba Tribe – Prince Agwe – discreet meeting in a conference room —Prince Agwe offers us a payment of pearls to kill the siren queen —Prince Agwe gives us each a bracelet made of seaweed and clams – each allows the wearer to breathe underwater for 36 hours. —Prince Agwe offers us a place to sleep

Same nightmare as the night before

Day 3 -Meet up in conference room -We head out

Sunken ship with sharks -John Punches shark -> feeding frenzy -We go in —Knives catches a jellyfish —John opens creates —We have a difference in opinion on what to do but we agree to swim up through a hole —Zombie attacks us with a butcher knife after a brief fight John cuts him in two —Shark(s) trying to get into the sunken ship —I help John search the area in the ship, we recover coins

We swim on and we see harvest of seaweed. We see a mound that has openings that are being guarded. -John and Knives attack 2 of the guards -We go through an opening John, Eve, Knives with sun rods in hand -we enter a big empty room with a magical glowing floor -John and I get caught in a whirlpool -In a panic move I grab the rope and the guys pull me out -The guys are doing something with the whirlpool but I’m staying out of the way -I follow the guys down a tunnel and we attack another set of guards —I amazed myself and hacked at one of the guards with the cleaver and crit -We go down another tunnel and attack more guards -After looting the bodies the guys take them back to dump in the whirlpool -They go back to get the first bodies to also dump in the whirpool -Knives realizes that the guards are not very skilled and perhaps they are here as punishment or as a type of weeding out the weakest in the group.

Eve's Journal
Shoving off for Hesta - 1 week at Sea

Day 1 – very nice day -Knives -> “fishing for jellyfish” – catches only fish, he gives them to me, I feed them to Ka -John -> reads -Me -> I spend the day on the deck asking questions about sailing and working on a boat

Day 2 -Knives -> spends the day tinkering -John -> works with the sailors -Me -> spends the day on the deck

Day 3 -Knives -> “fishing for jellyfish” – catches rays -John -> jumping – trying to reach crows nest -Me -> spends the day on the deck

Day 4 -Knives -> “fishing for jellyfish” – 5 small fish for Ka -John -> Helping out on deck -Me -> spend day on deck

Day 5 -Knives -> “fishing for jellyfish” – 5 fish for Ka -John -> helps on deck -Me -> spend day on deck

Day 6 – Fog and Wind -Knives -> Checks on fog – no magic, Spends rest of the day tinkering -John -> spends the day meditating and helping the sailors -Me -> spend the day with the captain

Day 7 – Fog -Knives -> even though it is hard spends day “fishing for jellyfish” – 3 fish for Ka -John -> balista -Me -> help on deck & take a shift on watch

Day 8 – Clear day, warm, light wind -Knives -> “fishing for jellyfish” – 5 fish for Ka -John -> Balista -Me -> On deck

Day 9 – In sight of Hesta -Knives -> “fishing for jellyfish” – 5 fish for Ka -John -> Balista -Me -> On deck

Eve's Journal
Two weeks to kill in Finger

Finger Day 16

We take our stuff off The Lady Jane. The Captain is going to run do his job and will return for us in two weeks. I go check Ka and I into an inn then make my way back to Jackson’s house (the tacker) to finish learning Web Foot, which I do.

The Next Two Weeks

-Borrowed Sailing 101 from John and read for an hour each day before I went to bed.

- Tried to train Ka Come but it didn’t work.

- I spent 6 days with John to get the barrels

-Spent one day shopping and selling things from my supply

Eve's Journal
From Jaguar and back again

Finger Day 10, cont.

When I came out of jaguar form John was looting the dead in the encampment.  Then he went into the dark area, I don't know what he did while he was in there but the darkness disappeared.  We discovered 19 people tied up inside: 8 pirates, 6 men, 3 women, 1 child and 1 that was something else.  While John and Knives discuss what to do I release the women and the child.  John and Knives finally make a decision and John releases the rest of the group and sends the pirates away from the island.  Before departing one of the pirates tells us that their numbers are greatly depleted because of the Fey.
One of the men is a guide, he takes on the job of leading us back to Baylet.  I discovered that the guide uses Web Foot to move easily through the swamp, I ask about receiving some training and he tells me once we get back he'll train me.  It takes three days to get back to Baylet. (Finger days 11, 12, & 13).

Finger Day 14

John and I go off with the guide to learn. At the end of the day he gives us a pair of bed rolls that will help in our adventures. They can help us endure the elements while we sleep. He also provides us with a small box that has five bandages in them that help stop bleeding and instantly stabilize the person.

Knives goes off to get his sword.

Finger Day 15

I return to the guide to learn Web Foot.

John and I go find Knives.

Knives and I go talk to the Governor. We relate our tale about the Fey. The Governor entrusts us with the task to go tell the Resistance and tell them that he needs help.

Eve's Journal

Finger day 10

John and Knives leveled up during the night. They went out today into the town. I tried to learn enlarge animal but all I managed to do was give Ka a little bit of a shock. I head into town to sell some stuff. I meet up with Knives on my way to the tailors. Then we head to the lodge to sell the snake meat.

After we return from town we go talk to the captain. Knives talks to the captain. He wants the captian to get us in ballista range. We decided it would just be better to take some guys with us. The captain can spare three men. The next day we talk with the Governor and he can spare five men for us. We spend some time in town prepping for the trip.

• We head out.

• Bird joins us

• Day 1

• Day 2

o     Reach the river
o     John tries to jump and fails landing in the middle of the river
o     John jumps to the other side
o     Knives ties my rope to his, ties his end around a tree and fires it across the river
o     John ties his rope to the end that got shot across and ties it to the tree
o     We shimmy across hanging underneath
o     Number 7 knocks himself out
o     John jumps over and picks up 7 and 8 and jumps back over

• Day 3

o     We walk through the day and approach at night fall
o     We decide to approach the encampment from the jungle
o     Knives climbs a tree to scout out the encampment
o     I get ready to change into a jag.
o     Knives comes back wounded
o     We back up 100 ft away from camp with double watches

• Day 4

o     Train bird to seek and come
o     Speak with bird
•     What did you see
•     Lots of pink people, sleeping dark area pink people guarding
•     Count?
•     Eyes twice guarding camp
•      Can you help
•     Help?
•     That blindy thing
•     Defend
•     Defend us?
•     Defend how, where who
•     I tell him about the plan
•     Mosquitoes ?
•     All the ones you want
•     Defend against bad pink pirates mosquitoes
•     You got it
•     Feed him mis
o     I tell our group what he told me
o     We get 25 feet away when two arrows come towards us
o     John moves off and attacks
o     I shift into a jag.
o     meow
Eve's Journal
"slacking" a bit

Finger day 5

John guards while we sleep. While John sleeps we leave Ka to guard him and I go off with Knives to find snakes. We find a viper’s nest. Knives summoned a skeleton and I cast Aspect of the wolf. We easily kill the viper. I squeeze out the viper’s posion for Knives. I skin, butcher and cook the snake meat.

Finger day 6

We moved out at 1st light. We rowed along the shore until we get close to where the fake lighthouse was. We walk the rest of the way. John and I hid and try to move silently through the jungle around the dunes. There are guards, between 10-20 in there and a dark area. We decide that we should head back to the Lady Jane and bring her around to bombard the area.

Finger day 7

We row.

Finger day 8

Ka and I spent the day in a deep sleep while we leveled up. Once I woke up I learned that John and Knives had a little run in with some sharks.

Finger day 9

We make our way back across the island on foot. It was an easy trek and we are back on the Lady Jane by night fall.

Eve's Journal

Finger day 4

Ka and I made our way back to the dock and realized that the guys were gone. We started to follow their tracks. We came upon them after they had attacked three pirates. I was shocked to see them disguised as boxes. We joined up with them. Ka and I stayed to the bushes while they walked in their boxes.

We came across two fey archers. Ka and I hide in the bushes. The guys made easy waste of the archers. After yet another display of John’s uber ability our pseudo-guide ran off so I climbed into his box while telling Ka to stay close to the bushes.

We came across a beach backed by swamp and mangrove area. The beach was narrow as far as we could see in either direction. The water was clear with a coral reef about 50 ft out and some fishing boats out past them in the water. We see nothing of interest so still in our crates we head back into the forest and head towards the point of the island.

We noticed an increase in bird noise. John peaked out and noticed that the trees were filled with red parrots and one was looking right at us. John and I keep walking and Knives stayed behind and watched the bird. The bird happened to follow John and I so Knives followed along with the bird.

We stop and I cast Speak with Animals and have a short conversation with the bird: “Why are you following us?” I called up to the bird. The bird flew down closer. “Food” John hands me the spider silk filled with mosquitoes. I offer a handful to the bird and he eats them. “Who you?” “I’m Eve.” “Why here?” “We’re here to find and kill pirates.” “Bad ones?” “Yes.” “Bad ones kill lighthouse.” “Those are the ones we want to kill” The bird flies to my shoulder. “Lighthouse at point.”

We start heading to the point when we come across a pair of lizards sunning themselves. For no clear reason we all take a shot at the lizards. Knives casts a spell on my crossbow. The fight doesn’t last long, the bird blinded the lizards and they don’t do much. John using his strength runs, attacks and kills one of the lizards before killing the other one. I skin and clean the lizards. Cooking the meat.

As night falls we hit the beach at the point. The light house is about 100 ft out to see and dark, the beach is deserted as well. We decided to swim across to the little island, Knives and Ka barely make it across. Once across John goes into the lighthouse and starts to look around. Knives and I wait a bit and come up with a plan to go up and relight the lighthouse. We head up the steps, there is some oil and a wick left but all the glass and mirrors are broken. Knives spots a fire back on the main island, we believe it’s the decoy lighthouse the pirates are using to cause problems. I light the fire in the lighthouse and keep an eye on both fires while Knives goes to find John.

John and Knives come up and bring some old children’s books for me to feed into the fire. I build the fire but there is no movement near the one on the beach. I keep watch over the fire while John and Knives rig something up to attempt to get the pirates to make a move on us. Knives uses the lantern and the telescope to make a beam. I use the spyglass to watch the dock while John goes down to hide among the boxes on the dock.

I see some movement and Knives scans in that direction on the beach. We see three Fey Archers. They look up at us and then go back into the forest. We wait sleeping in shifts. I get no more than two hours of sleep before Knives wakes me up. The other light has gone out and a boat is heading our way. As the boat docks I notice 5 people and I let Knives know they are here. No on gets off the boat.

Quite suddenly we are covered in darkness. Knives lets we know we’ve been cursed with a spell of darkness. I feel something like a beanbag hit the back of my head, as I spin around Knives feels the same thing. He hurries and attaches his rope to his grappling hook, Knives goes 1st and makes it. I feel something like an arrow go by my head and head on down the rope.

Once we hit the ground it’s a full out fight. Knives and I both attack a guy, Knives with a spell and I hit him with a bolt to the neck. John finishes him off before hitting another guy with a crate. I just hope to never be on John’s bad side. Knives summoned a skeleton on the dock to help John fight over there.

I feel another arrow fly by my head but it disappears in front of my. I look around but don’t see anything and when Knives asks me what’s wrong I can’t tell him. I’m too astounded by what I think I saw. Shortly after that I was knocked out. I woke up later in a row boat being manned by John. I learn that Knives also got knocked out but John took care of the guys.

We make camp back on the shore and John watches

Eve's Journal
Crocs, Leeches, and a new "friend"

Finger day 3

We head out this morning. John attempted to move silently as we started out but Knives and I were fighting. Even with all the noise we stumbled across a sleeping man. John approached him and poked him. The man woke up and started screaming when he saw the blood covered man above him. He took off running but John tackled him. We learn his name is Blade and he’s a hunter who’s out setting traps while looking for his missing friend. He joins up with us.

Knives still can’t keep quite as we walk on. Ka notices tracks and Blade is able to tell that Ka has noticed footprints and blood. We look around a bit and see bones with clothing and that have been gnawed on. Then we notice two tiger cubs and hear their mother close by. We left that area pretty quickly.

Walking along more the trees open up and we approach a small body of water. There is a crocodile in the water near the other bank and a water buffalo drinking on the other bank. Knives starts to go out into the water to check the depth of the water. As he nears the croc starts to move towards him and he attacks the croc. John jumped out and landed on the croc then dragged him to the other shore. As Knives makes his way closer to the bank he realized that he was covered in leaches as was John. The used a torch to burn off the leaches while Blade, Ka and I watched from across the water.

To avoid more leach attacks John ties off one end of rope and throws it over to our side of the bank. Blade retrieved the rope and tied his length of rope to John’s and then wraps it around a tree and with his bow and arrow fires the end over. Blades, Ka and I crossed on the makeshift rope bridge.

Blade tried to skin the croc and failed so I took over and butchered the meat. While I was doing that he built a fire so that I could smoke the meat. While we were tending to the croc, John and Knives set up camp. During their watch we got attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Upon waking up I informed the guys about the mosquitoes and their aversion to fire. John uses spider silk to capture and kill them while Knives uses a log from the fire. Knives breathed fire and killed off the swarm.

We made sure there was a nice fire going and went back to sleep. Upon waking up in the morning Blade was sick from the mosquitoes, he healed himself as we broke camp. After breakfast we head off for the day’s trek.

We came across an inlet with a dock that is surrounded by crates and barrels. We search the area and realize that the mud under the dock is different from the rest of the mud. We open the crates and barrels. John pulls the barrels into the trees while Knives and I disguised the barrels. Blade is up in the trees and notices someone heading our way.

John, Ka, and I hid under the dock while Knives played dead on the dock. John and I watched as Blade confronted the pirate. Ka growls and the pirate spots us under the dock. I sent Ka out and told him to run away. The pirate fired at him and struck Ka in the back leg. I readied my crossbow as Blade tried to deter the pirate from further inspecting under the dock. I was distracted and worried about Ka and happened to miss a block of time. I was told everything was clear and I ran off to find Ka. I found him and we camped out for the night.

Eve's Journal
Baylet and the hunts for pirates

Finger day 1

Today we sailed into the town of Baylet. After the trip we had everyone was eager to get off the boat. John and Knives went in search of a master wood worker named Corbin Duff. John was looking to get his bow fixed and possibly upgraded. I went into town to sell the seaweed armor. I tried a couple of shops before running into John and Knives. They had already visited the wood workers and were now shopping. With their help I sold the armor sets for 30 gold each!

I wasn’t ready to return to the boat and John and Knives wanted to keep shopping so I followed them around. It was starting to get late and I figured we should maybe see about the business that brought us to Baylet. I talked to the guys about going to see the governor but Knives wanted to keep shopping. (such a girl!) John talked Knives into going to the governor’s mansion.

The mansion is big and dark. As we approached the door there were two guards that opened the doors and we walked into a long hallway. We walk down the hallway to another set of big doors with two guards standing on either side. Knives slips the guard some gold and finds out that there is a Fey ambassador in with the governor. Knives tells me to slip into the small waiting room. We can hear a heated discussion going on but that’s all I know.

Not that long later a Fey male bardges out of the room and Knives and John prepare to face him down in the hallway. I popped my head out of the room and watch as they follow him down the hall. They exchanged some words with him and then head back. The three of us go into talk with the governor but the guards won’t let Ka in, I bluff that he’s my seeing eye jaguar.

The room has a large table. There were two guards standing off in the room and one guard and two doors leading out of the room. Governor Stephen Lesset and one other guard are sitting at the table. John introduces us and hands the governor the letter from Jenny. The Governor said he can’t do anything because the residents of the island are being plagued by pirates and the Fey are going to help them. The pirates hide out in the swamps and attack random people and boats. He told us that he’ll give us 200 gold each if we go take care of the pirates because then he won’t have to make deal with the Fey. He gives us the name of a guide who can take us into town, his name is Johnson.

We head to Johnson’s house but he’s not there and his stuff is gone. We buy some trail rations and head out. We spend one day going through jungle, towards the end of the day it gets swampy, the river we’ve been following keeps branching off. Before it gets too wet we decide to make camp for the night. We all take a watch.

Finger day 2

This morning we get up and keep heading south. As we go Ka starts to growl and a giant green snake drops from the trees down onto Knives. After a quick battle we kill the snake. I skin, cleaned, and cooked the snake.

We keep going on and we come across three guys, pirates. It was a quick fight. John stabbed one of the pirates and the man exploded, it was quite a sight to see. One guy tries to run but with a few bolts fired at him and he goes down. We looted them while John buried the men. We back off a bit and camp for the night taking double watches.


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