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The world of Seagate is mostly covered in water, save for a sprawling archipelago of islands. Humans are, historically, the dominant species, with pockets of other sentient creatures springing up in various parts of the world, but in recent history this dynamic has changed.

Seagate is now ruled by the Fey, and the various human societies are either enslaved or live under an oppressive rule. Pockets of resistance exist across the archipelago, but the Fey’s stranglehold on the world is near absolute, at least in the Central Archipelago.

Sentient creatures in Seagate are born under a specific element. Species can dictate which element a creature falls under, but humans can be born under any of the thirteen known elements. A human’s element seems to be random, genetics and location having no bearing on which element they will be. Furthermore, while humans of the same element may share some personality characteristics, a human’s element has no bearing on their alignment, and unless the human has an unusually strong elemental connection (as may be present in a spellcaster) it also has no bearing on their physical appearance.

A campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, version 3.5, Seagate is a setting heavy on high-seas adventure and exploration. Player characters are always human, and recieve the standard racial bonuses for humans, but players must also choose an element for their character which will add additional racial abilities and bonuses. Choice of element will also specify a character’s class options, feats and spell list (if a caster).

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